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When you are ready to master the tasks in the publishing world and not just take a course…

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We fully prepare you to provide the critical services authors ask for most and give you what you need to grow your own virtual business, attract author clients and build your web presence.

Be a part of the only comprehensive Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program anywhere in the world.

“Thank you for this great course. The information was detailed, easy to understand, and well-organized. Creating a notebook using the instructions provided has already been invaluable. I’ve used notebooks for organizing before, but never so effectively. I’ll be using notebooks in similar ways to organize client information. Being able to access the material again and again is also wonderful. I will be referring to it on a regular basis as my client-base expands.

I have been unemployed for months; in fact I’ve only worked seasonally for the last 2 years. I was starting to work virtually, but having trouble finding clients due, I think, to lack of focus on a target market. Then I came across your class in a forum (www.virtualassistantforums.com). Now I am already working with 2 authors and have so many referrals that I’m actually having trouble keeping up. I’m certain some of them will become clients.

I especially want to commend you on the way you stressed that the needs of the client are always paramount and will result in some work being referred. I also appreciated your hints about networking being just that and not “selling.” I have an aversion to selling and now understand that I don’t have to sell, but only form sincere relationships with people in related fields. That has taken a load off my mind and made me realize that I will find friends as well as colleagues as I do this work that I love. I had worried that I would feel isolated working from home, but now have good reason to be out among interesting people on a regular basis.”

Leanne Jewett, PVAA

Imagine earning great money while helping authors prepare manuscripts, get their books published or take virtual book tours, while learning the book publishing industry.

Becoming a virtual author’s assistant opened up an entire new revenue stream for my virtual assistant business. I am able to work with authors at any stage of their books – manuscript, publishing or online marketing. Your program left no stone unturned.

This is not just a training program – it is a full author client support system that never ends!


From Jennie Nash, successful author of 6 books, published by Penguin (Berkley Trade and Plume) about working with her certified professional virtual author’s assistant, Cheryl Callighan:
“Working with a virtual author’s assistant of Cheryl’s caliber means its a collaborative team effort.  I learned from her how to do my job as an author better.  Its affordable, it’s effective and it’s fun!”

Listen to a 10 minute audio clip of Jan King talking with Jennie and Cheryl about their work together and why authors work with author’s assistants.

From Cheryl Callighan about being a virtual author’s assistant, working with authors and the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training and Certification Program:
“I work with several authors and I’ve always got work going on.  There are at least 100 steps in the publishing process and I follow my authors from the manuscript to published to the end of the journey – promoting the book.  It’s just amazing how much it takes to get a book out there! As a veteran virtual assistant of twenty years, Jan’s program gave me new services to offer my consulting, speaking and coaching clients.  I feel very confident in all the services I offer.”

Great for virtual assistants, freelance writers, aspiring authors, anyone with a publishing background who needs a new source of income or a part-time job.


ReddickFrom Karen Reddick, Master Virtual Assistant and Master Virtual Author’s Assistant: “I’ve always loved books and it is so rewarding to help authors get books published.  As soon as I became certified as an author’s assistant, I found seven new author clients in two months.  I work with authors almost full time at this point.”

RoginCoverFrom Ellen Rogin, one of Karen Reddick’s clients and the author of Great With Money: The Women’s Guide to Prosperity:  “As a new self-published author, I relied on Karen’s expertise to complete many of the projects to get my book from idea to bookshelf.”



Enjoy learning on your time and at your own pace.

Enjoy continuing education and support for the life of your business.

VAAOHQAs soon as you register, you have instant access to the acclaimed VAA Online Headquarters.  A now and future resource, business center, support network and industry exclusive, with hundreds of pages, tips and links, there when you have any questions in your work with authors.VAADirectory

As soon as you complete the course you also have your own profile page on our acclaimed Authors Assistant Directory which allows thousands of authors to find you and your unique services.


A message to you from the course creator, Jan King:

JanKing“Hello. I’m Jan King and I provide support to virtual assistants who want to become the go-to resource for their author clients.   Authors make great clients and the number of books being published annually is increasing at an unprecedented rate, and ebooks will send it soaring. There is a tremendous need for virtual assistants who can provide those services authors don’t have the time or expertise to do themselves. You can help authors write and sell more and do less of what’s in between.


My own clients are nonfiction authors. I work as a publishing strategist, a combination of an old-fashioned editor at a publishing company and a literary agent.  About 2/3 of my clients self publish and 1/3 find major publishers.  But they all NEED author’s assistants.  I recommend author’s assistants to authors every day.

With the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program, you benefit from all my publishing and business experience. You get instant access to the course and all the resource materials you will use for years to come.

You will have immediate access to a supportive, connected, helpful network of working virtual author’s assistants to answer your questions and help you succeed. To get access to all of this insider information and one-on-one training could easily cost thousands of dollars if purchased separately.  I have a number of clients who pay $1,000 a month, month in and month out to have access to my time and expertise.”


Are you tired of online training courses taught by those with no real experience and who can’t answer your real life questions on working with clients? Or courses that dump you out on your own the minute you pay your money or finish with the course?  Are you as tired as I am of the courses that seem to throw in everything but the kitchen sink, but are mostly fluff and very little usable material? Are you ready for a course that offers ongoing support without the usual annual membership fees, registration fees or other costs you don’t hear about up front?

Start putting time and energy into your future with work you can feel great about.