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This page describes the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program.  If you are interested in the Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program, click on the link.

Why should ACS members take this course?
BlueCheckWorking with authors is a large and growing sub-specialty for virtual assistants.
BlueCheckMany of your clients will become authors over the time you work with them and this course will enable you to guide them through the writing, publishing and marketing for the life of their books.
BlueCheckThis course will help you help your aspiring author client plan for success because you will learn all the steps to the process and when they need to occur to minimize costs and maximize book sales.
BlueCheckYou can complete this course in an hour a day within a month, or you can go right to the sections you need if you have a current client who needs some particular author-related help today.
BlueCheckWe teach you the language and nuances of book publishing and we focus on helping you find author clients fast so you use and enjoy these new services you can provide right away.
BlueCheckWe provide you with all the tools you need so you don’t need to take a lot of time away from your busy practice to incorporate this sub-specialty.
BlueCheckAuthor clients are fun and interesting. We want you to enjoy your work and have grateful clients who appreciate all that you bring them!

PD*20386405Key Feature #1: We teach you how to provide the 24 services authors ask for most and give you all the resources you need to work with author clients immediately – planners, checklists, examples and samples – no additional materials to buy. Everything you need is included in the course, including international information. Although we are based in the U.S., we have clients (and all the author and publishing information you need) in the U.K., Canada, Australia and in other parts of the world as well. No matter where you or your clients are located, we are the book publishing resource you need!

VAAOHQKey Feature #2: The course is self-paced and virtual so yo do it on your time, anytime. You can start any time and take as long as you like or get it done in a long weekend. You can refer back to the information years later because we never charge a membership fee for access to update materials.

JanAndCarrieKey Feature #3: Expertise you can trust. We know as an ACS or VAA Coaching Club member that you care about the company you keep. So we want you to know something about the course creator and the support you can expect after the course.

Jan B. King is an well-respected book publishing expert who ran a 50-person, 200-title a year publishing company before she became a book coach and publishing strategist, helping authors to get published with all the major publishing companies or self publish, whatever is best for that author and that book. Please read a more complete bio here.

SelfPubBannerKey Feature #4: Lifetime support after the course. We think this is what really differentiates us from other specialty courses. You get your questions answered and support for the life of your business once you are registered. You become a life time student and we will constantly update you on anything new to the business – at no additional charge.

So let’s say that again: Lifetime support and lifetime learning at no additional charge. What does that include?

  • A support forum where you can ask questions and get resources from your peers
  • A direct email to Jan B. King, the course creator – ask questions, get answers
  • Specialty classes, usually once a month, to update you on the latest in the book publishing industry
  • The Virtual Author’s Assistant Online Headquarters – your virtual resource that is constantly updated so you have the latest reference material, even years after you’ve completed the course

VAADirectoryKey Feature #5: We help you market to authors by:

  • Giving you a profile page on the Author’s Assistant Directory
  • Giving you articles, special reports, ebooks and more to offer author clients on your own web site
  • Inviting you to live events to meet potential author clients

QuestionMarkPlease call us if you have questions about the course not answered on this web site or email Jan B. King directly at jan@authorsassistanttraining.com.

Course investment: $597US retail price (See Currency Converter for AU$). For A Clayton’s Secretary and VAA Coaching Club members: One payment of $498US OR 3 payments of $166US (we never charge extra for making payments).

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