What is Assisted Self Publishing?

For the author who decides self publishing is right for his or her book, you don’t have to do it alone! The author’s assistant can guide the author to the right freelance team members or the right publishing services firm that allows the author to maintain his or her intellectual property, own the working files to the book and make other decisions that are key for a successful publishing experience.

It is important for the author to choose the publishing method that will optimize his or her chances for book publishing success.

Established Commercial Publishers
Recognized brand name, marketing track record, adds credibility
Experts to work with who have helped many authors to create and promote great books
Relationship with distributors for retail sales
Sales reps to sell your book into bookstores**
Limited money required by the author up front

Long time frame to market (12-18 months)
Loss of the rights to some of your intellectual property
Loss of a significant % of sales for the life of the book
Locked into a long term contract (author’s life + 70 years) although the publishing situation may change (ex: electronic rights)
Loss of control over title, cover, pricing

Self Publishing
Short time to market (3-4 months)*
Retain ownership of all intellectual property so you can move between publishers and media*
Own the working files of cover and interior so you can change publishers at any time*
You keep all the profits (not just a royalty percentage)*

Significant up front money required ($10K +) to create and market a professional-quality book
Steep learning curve to really understand how to leverage your intellectual property in a book
Easy to make costly mistakes on book marketability, cover designs, interior layout, printing costs and quantities, who to trust for advice, unless you find the right professionals
The printer will print whatever you send, even if it isn’t yet positioned, proofread and more – no guarantee of quality to the outside world
Takes a lot of time away from your core business
Limited/no access to distribution to retail stores
Requires up front money, but as a reasonable trade for keeping your own IP, owning your own files and keeping the profits

Assisted Self Publishing with an Author’s Assistant
All the advantages of both IF you find a publishing services firm who provides for the items with an * or **. Requires up front money, but as a reasonable trade for keeping your own IP, owning your own files and keeping the profits

POD Publishers/Vanity Publishers
The disadvantages of both – loss of control, loss of profits, paying up front and paying as a percentage of sales. Don’t let this happen to you and your book! Read the eight point checklist for working with POD publishers.