Included in the Training/Fees

The Training Includes VAANotebookCovercheckThe acclaimed The Complete Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program, the comprehensive, jam-packed, self-paced, step-by-step course of videos and instructional downloads.  No having to pay for shipping, no waiting weeks for delivery -  instant gratification.  You will have immediate access to over 335 pages of instructions, notes, checklists, planners and step-by-step guidance that will be a reference long after you complete the class. For more exciting benefits, click here… Here’s how it works: If you are already a virtual professional, you may want to learn just the 24 author services and we have the materials arranged “by subject” just for you.  We have had very motivated participants complete the course  in a long weekend! VAAFullPageSlides4If you are new to working virtually, you may want us to guide you through building your virtual business and we have the course arranged in a 30-day course, just for you. * Each day you will be given a simple business/marketing task and a simple author’s assistant lesson. * Follow the course and do a little each day at the end of 30 days you will have an up and running virtual business and be fully trained as a virtual author’s assistant!

How to Sign Up for the Training

Everything you read about below is included for one fee for the entire program, which starts with training and continues with support for the life of your business. Your investment for the entire package:

  • $699 US, one time payment, or
  • Three payments of $250US, one every 30 days.

You can choose your option by selecting the blue button for the one payment option or the red button for the three payment option. Regardless of the option you choose, you have access to all training materials right away. All fees are nonrefundable once you have accepted your invitation to the password protected web site. $699 US, one time payment or $250 US each month for 3 months.

checkThe training course is just one aspect of the password-protected, exclusive Virtual Author’s Assistant Online Headquarters. The Online HQ is available to you not only during the class, but afterward so you can get updates and get your questions answered when you are working with author clients.   A dynamic on-line peer community that will support you well beyond the class, including recommended industry professionals to refer your clients to, such as editors, cover designers, publicists and many more.  Includes all the links to the sites recommended in the course and recommended by your peers. You can ask your questions in our forum and get answers from peers and professionals. See a video on What a Virtual Author’s Assistant Can Do for You that you can embed right on your own website to help potential author clients understand the tremendous benefit working with you will bring to them. You can turn it off by clicking on the middle double-bar below the video. MarketingtoAuthorsBannercheckA gateway to continuous learning and honing your skills for years to come, with many ways to learn, whatever fits your style. There are fun to watch slidecast videos of all sessions you can view again and again. If there is an author service you want to watch and hear about again, you can do that anytime, even months later. Each of the services has downloads that give you the step-by-step of everything you will see on the slidecasts, so if you like reading better than watching or listening, you can do that too!  And whenever there is a new trend in the book publishing industry we keep you up to date with a VAA blog and special boards with the articles of interest on Pinterest and specialty webinars  Once you have registered for the basic course, everything else is included – you never pay extra for and you always have access to updated material. checkWhen you have successfully completed the course, you become a certified PVAA (Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant) and earn a free Business Profile page on our Author’s Assistant Directory. With a first page Google ranking our AA Directory is for writers looking for author’s assistants.  As a graduate of our course you can create a personal page on the directory, marketing your new business and services. Some of our graduates get hundreds of hits a month! Love Authors QuizStill not sure? Take our “I Love Authors” Quiz before you decide by clicking the link to the left!