More Benefits

We took a lot of time creating all the aspects of this course. We wanted products that you could actually use and would benefit your life and your new business. Not just a bunch of useless freebies that would clutter up your computer and distract you from your success.

But we didn’t want to create a good course, we wanted to create a full business support system so we added more amazing benefits:

EmailNetworkingBenefit # 1:
To help you get your virtual author’s assistant business off to the right start and as quickly as possible we have included 47 sample forms and letters, checklists, and worksheets you can use day after day and year after year in working with authors. We give this to you in both a hard copy format (you can use them with a pencil or pen) and in downloadable spreadsheets so you can use them right on the computer and attach them to your emails as reports to your authors). Here just a sample of SOME of the things you’ll find:
* Permissions Planner and Tracker (includes sample forms to get required permissions)
* Peer/Audience Review Tracker
* Testimonial Request Forms and Tracker
* Manuscript Submission Planner and Tracker
* Book Numbers and Listings Planner (includes links for all technical listings)
* Book Marketing Timetable and Checklist (includes on-page marketing plan)
* Book Review Submission Tracker (includes links to book review locations)
* Book Awards Submission Tracker (includes links to legitimate book award sites)
* Virtual Book Tour Planner and Tracker
* Book Event Checklist
* Amazon Best Seller Campaign Planner and Tracker
* Glossary of Publishing Terms

Benefit #2:
An Actual Business Plan for Your Virtual Author’s Assistant Business.
Not a sample, not an outline, but an actual working business plan that you can use from day one. Just make the changes that fit your new business. (I would charge you $2,400 if you hired me to write one for you)

Benefit #3:
WorkofAuthorand Contract for Author’s Assistant Services. One of the hardest things for a new virtual professional to do is market their new skills. To help get you off to a great start we created a VAA proposal that puts in your hands a document that sells your business for you. It lets you put your best foot forward and present your new skills as a new professional in your field. Creating contracts can be costly and time consuming. Our fourth gift to you is a working contact you can use with your very first client. Our priority is to see you succeed and in the shortest time possible.

Proposal2Benefit #4:
VAA Marketing Plan
. A comprehensive marketing plan is included in your 30 day VAA course. But creating a long term marketing plan for your business leads to greater success.

Benefit #5:
We added a whole unit of the course devoted to help you find profitable author clients who want to do business with you.
Here is a sample of just SOME of the forms and letters, checklists, and worksheets specifically designed to help you grow your business quickly by helping you market to authors immediately:

* New Client Checklist. You won’t have to fumble around and guess as to what to ask a new client. We have created a form that will save you hours of time and guesswork
NewClientChecklist2* Proposal contact worksheet to brainstorm new sources of author clients
* Press Releases to announce your certification and promote your VAA business
* Four high-value professional marketing tools you can use to hand to or email to authors to lead discussions about all the services you can provide to them
* Three valuable eBooks to give to promising prospects and clients
* Two Prospect Free Reports to entice people to sign up on your web site mailing list
* Marketing slidecast video the VAA can embed on her own site to educate authors to how and why to use the services of the author’s assistant
* A Library of VAA Articles that can be used with our permission on your VAA site or in your newsletter to educate potential clients and highlight your expertise
* Numerous samples of client correspondence
* Sample elevator speeches and language to talk to author clients

Benefit # 6:
Live updates and news
in our Publishing Inspirations Blog and the Professional Virtual Author’s Assistant Blog. You’ll stay informed and updated on developments in the publishing world and the world of people working at home. Saving you hours of time each week not having to read publication after publication to keep up to speed in this industry.

Benefit # 7:
The VAA Forum
one for trainees and one for certified professionals. Continued support from your fellow author assistant professionals and book industry professionals, long after you take the course and whenever you have a question working with an author. Let’s say you have a new author and you are asked to handle something brand new for you. Just ask! Your peers will have the answer. (Other websites charge monthly fees for continued access to their sites.)

JanKingBenefit #8:
And this is HUGE…Live Talks with Jan.
People keep Jan on retainer and pay her $1,000 a month for her advice and expertise. You will get access to Jan as part of the course….forever. Not only is Jan the instructor of the VAA course but she is available online everyday in the VAA Headquarters forum or to email directly to answer any questions or concerns you might have as you work with your author clients. She also teaches occasional webinars just for VAAs so you have many opportunities to access her expertise and energy for publishing.