Praise from Happy VAAs

Hear from just a few of the people who have enjoyed the course and now work with authors.

“I wanted to stop for a moment and thank you for the best training program that I have ever experienced! I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that you share, and your consistent willingness to help (free of charge) those who write in on the forum. I wish I had not hesitated so long before committing to this course. I can’t think about where I may have been now.

Jan, the value of your program is priceless to those of us who love helping other achieve their dream of being published. A simple ‘thank you’ just doesn’t express how I feel about your program, and about you. But that’s all I can say now. Someday, I hope to give back to you or someone else who needs a hand.– Carolyn Baker Meyer, Wykoff, MN

“Every time I hear your voice and get more training from you, I consider myself fortunate for being a part of the VAA course. The “Getting Referrals from Coaches” seminar was yet another one filled with need-to-know content and getting answers to questions that help us solve problems and create solutions. Thanks so much for taking your time and sharing your incredible expertise with us. Truly, I get more excited about working at my business more than ever before.” – Bea Vanni, Cary, NC

EudyPhoto“My marketing and networking efforts have paid off! I just entered into an agreement with an author today for a rather large project and have about 4 more in the wings after two friends spread the word to others at their networking events. You’re right, there are SO MANY potential or budding authors out there and all are very appreciative to find someone with some general publishing knowledge if nothing else but to be a reference source for them to bounce questions off of. That said, I’m sure I’ll run into questions along the way too with this project, so THANK YOU for this forum and the other resources you’ve provided!”—Julie Eudy, St. Louis, MO, USA

Szymanis“What a pleasure it was to learn with Jan. The course was detailed every step of the way and all materials were so comprehensive and easy to use that I still use refer to it frequently. Jan is an expert in her field and I would not hesitate to take a course or work with her again.” –Sondy Szymanis, Canmore, AB, CANADA

Hillsey“The information presented here was exceptional! I now feel like I can work confidently with authors having been through this training. Great job on putting this class together and covering all of the information needed to work confidently!!!”—Cindy Hillsey, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Reddick“I’m a graduate of this class from August 2007 and in the first two months after the class I signed 5 new author clients who all found me through the Author’s Assistant Directory. So if anybody’s having any hesitation about this class or thinking it’s too much information—it’s really not.The course is very thorough and they do a great job of teaching you. I just highly recommend it. It is so valuable and you’ll truly get your time and money’s worth in terms of the investment.”—Karen Reddick, Centenial, CO, USA

“I really enjoyed the course and am letting other VAs here know about it.”– Lyn Prowse-Bishop, Warwick, QLD, Australia

Cole“I truly enjoyed the live Virtual Author’s Assistant Course and highly recommend it. The webinars are very well organized yet allow for questions and discussion. The course includes clear, well written text that mirrors the webinar’s structure. Also, there is a wealth of useful ancillary materials on the course website – slides, forms, etc. My second endorsement is for Jan King. She is an excellent teacher. She is not only very knowledgeable about the publishing field, but is also extremely adept at communicating that knowledge to her students. Throughout the course – and after – Jan has been very approachable and willing to answer questions and support her students in any way.” –Michele Cole, New York, NY, USA

Murray“I really enjoyed this course and would highly recommend it to other VAs out there interested in getting into a niche market.  It is incredibly thorough which is great.  You can tell when reading the literature that you have an extensive knowledge of the industry.  Also listing all the websites and going through each process in a step-by-step format makes it so much easier to understand.” – Diane Murray, Isle of Lewis, Scotland, UK

Cravotta“I took Jan’s author assistance training course several months ago and it was terrific. The course materials were well organized and targeted. The training was very detailed, yet easy to follow. Jan was incredibly supportive throughout the course. Post-course the support continues with Jan and the various on-line tools they have created. When it comes to books, authors and publishing she is the go to woman. I highly recommend this course.”  –Donna Cravotta, New York, NY, USA

CraigHart“The instructors are experts in their respective fields and very knowledgeable. They provided us with bits of information not included in the materials and their insight about the ins and outs of the publishing business was incredible”—Sydni Craig-Hart, Emeryville, CA, USA

Bayless“I am thrilled that you see the need to help educate VA’s in the field of working with authors! You’ve only scratched the surface, and I’m excited with great anticipation to see what you will bring to us next that will only help VA’s better serve authors in a virtual environment.”—Lauri Bayless, Easley, SC, USA

“I am so enjoying the training so far. I have attended both of this week’s live training session. Why did I wait so long to sign up???” – Carolyn Baker Meyer, Wycoff, MN

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